Street Photography Tour Moscow

If you’re visiting Moscow and LOVE photography, why not join us for a Street Photography Tour?
Just landing in a new city and trudging around can be boring! We can take you on an Urban Photo Tour, covering some of the great landmarks of Moscow while capturing some amazing images in Black and White or Color.

  1. Why Street Photos? Yeas, you can just ‘snap' some pictures of the world-famous places that Moscow has to offer, but with street photography, you really get a proper ‘feel' for the city, it’s people and day to day life that revolves around Moscow.
  2. Why B/W? Black and White is timeless. It strips out the color from a scene, which ages it. All you have to worry about is what you see in front of your eyes. Is it an interesting subject or not? It helps you to focus your eye on just the most important aspects of the shot.
  3. Why combine Street Photography with Tourism? We love Street Photography and capturing our amazing city from a unique angle and viewpoint. We are out photographing Moscow all year round. You want to see this amazing city and do something fun! This is why you should definitely join us for a Street Photography Tour of Moscow!
Photo tourism. Moscow street photography workshops and photo tourism

If you’re an absolute beginner, it’s not a problem. We can help you conquer the basics of Urban Photography and you can learn while you go. You are always welcome to ask questions and we are more than happy to help you out along the way.

Even if you’re a competent photographer, it still makes sense to join us for a tour… We know Moscow like the back of our hands. We can not only show you some of the best places in Moscow but, as we’ve photographed it so many times we can show you unique and unusual viewpoints to capture our city in a way that most photo tourists wouldn’t find.

Photo tourism. Moscow street photography workshops and photo tourism

In terms of gear, literally ANY camera will do. However, in our experience, small lightweight mirrorless SLRs, such as the Fujifilm x70, or Ricoh GR are really good options.

Most of the time, when you’re doing Street Photography, you want to remain discrete, in the background. You don’t want people to notice you. You want to blend into the background and observe the world. Having a huge camera with a big lens means that you will instantly draw attention to yourself! So, a small mirrorless camera, a compact camera, maybe even a camera phone are great ways of capturing Urban Photography at it’s best.

Having said that, if you DO have a big camera and you love it (We know how it feels to love your camera) you can still do Urban Street Photography, but we can show how to ‘shoot from the hip' and other ways to remain discrete and not draw attention to yourself.

Photo tourism. Moscow street photography workshops and photo tourism

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re coming to Moscow and LOVE the idea of a fun and unusual way to see the city, then you should definitely become a photo tourist and join one of our Street Photography Moscow Tours. You will get some amazing pictures of our great city, see some places that are amazing, but not everybody knows about and see some landmarks of Moscow in a new and unusual light. If you’re a beginner, then this is a fun and easy way to see one of the most amazing cities in the world and we guarantee you’ll be hooked on Street Photography from now on.

Photo tourism. Moscow street photography workshops and photo tourism

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