My name is Stanislav and I love photography. Glad to see you in my blog. There will be a lot of interesting and useful information. The main topics of this blog are related to street and «unposed» photography: articles, useful links, analysis of equipment, best photographers apps. I actively participate in various Russian and international photography competitions.

A little bit about myself:

I began to get involved in photography since childhood. From an old FED (rangefinder) film camera, a photo mug, from developing negatives … Then, taking pictures for me was a real miracle. I always needed the perfect shot. See. Analyze. Waiting. Do not forget about the light and shadow. Freeze… Press the trigger … and here it is — my perfect shot. And then the development of the negatives in a dark room with a mysterious red light. Isn’t it a Miracle for a child?

Over time, everything has changed, but I have not forgotten about my childhood dreams …

Once, traveling in Norway, I felt that same Miracle, from childhood! And I brought a huge number of photos: people, fjords, majestic mountains … And then that I realized that this is my life and a hobby that I would love to give all of my time. This is my happiness, my whole life work! And then the training began, studying from the very beginning, courses, clients … But I still feel the Miracle, and put a piece of it in each of my photographs. Because for me it is the main thing!

Always glad to new opportunities and acquaintances.

Why do people choose my workshops?

Welcome. Moscow street photography workshops and photo tourism


I recieve great joy from work and share it with you.

Welcome. Moscow street photography workshops and photo tourism


We often meet, unite … photographers, models, friends. We are glad to see you and open for new opportunities.

Welcome. Moscow street photography workshops and photo tourism


The workshop always going in a friendly atmosphere. We enjoy shooting and communication.

Welcome. Moscow street photography workshops and photo tourism


You can always return to your best memories through your photos.

Photography Blog

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