A regular 21st century weekday. With its ordinary turmoil, technology and information high speeds, scientific discoveries and sensations. Flying highways, incessant news, and music streams, bright advertising lights create a feeling not only of a never-ending feast but also of life itself, in its recklessness propelled to its fullest. Streets, avenues, squares, buildings. And among this bustle, there are rescue islands of silence and centuries-long serenity. Temples. How do we see them and see what is it that goes on inside? This eternal silence of God, without the human polyphony, celebrations, and fuss. What happens behind these walls when it's ordinary days for us? My today's photo report is about this silence, this beauty, this eternity. And also about the man behind these walls. An ordinary man. A young and shy priest.

Part 1

#fujifilmru #fujifilm23

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