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Get Inspired By Famous Street Photographers

To give you further insight into Street Photography, here’s a first brief list of 4 famous street, documentary, reportage photographers whose work, I think, encompasses what every aspiring Street Photographer should study.

Bruce Gilden

  An Iconic street photographer with a unique style,  Bruce Gilden was born in  Brooklyn, New York in 1946. He first went to Penn State University but he found his sociology courses too boring for his temperament and he quit college. Gilden briefly toyed with the idea of being an actor but in 1967, he decided to buy a camera and to become a photographer. Although he did attend some evening classes at the School of Visual Arts in New York, Bruce Gilden is to be considered substantially a self-taught photographer.  

Ying Tang

Ying Tang was born and raised in Shanghai, China, and then moved to Japan where she enrolled at the Nanzan University of Nagoya and obtained a B.A. degree.

She later moved to the United States of America and graduated with a Master's degree in Broadcasting Communications from Washington State University. Soon after that, Ying moved to San Francisco, California where she worked as a corporate freelance camera person and video editor for numerous corporate and broadcast clients.

Marcus Hartel

  German-born street photographer Marcus Hartel has been roaming the streets of New York city with his Leica in hand since his arrival in 2003. It may come as no surprise that Hartel, born in the small coal-mining town of Duisburg in western Germany, captures the edge that only the truest street photographer can: his black and white photographs tell a gritty, honest story of the city that never sleeps.  

Trent Parke

  Trent Parke was born in 1971 and raised in Newcastle, New South Wales. Using his mother’s Pentax Spotmatic and the family laundry as a darkroom, he began taking pictures when he was around 12 years old. Today, Parke, the only Australian photographer to be represented by Magnum, works primarily as a street photographer.  

  In 2003, with wife and fellow photographer Narelle Autio, Parke drove almost 90,000 km (56,000 miles) around Australia. Minutes to Midnight, the collection of photographs from this journey, offers a sometimes disturbing portrait of twenty-first century Australia, from the desiccated outback to the chaotic, melancholic vitality of life in remote Aboriginal towns. For this project Parke was awarded the W. Eugene Smith Grant in Humanistic Photography.  

More awesome photographers on the next blog update. 

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